FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

Trufront Security

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Intrusion Prevention

In today's busy network environment, business continuity relies on effective network intrusion prevention to stop malicious attacks, worms, and application abuse before they affect your data and resources. Applications are using the Internet as never before. VoIP, e-commerce, streaming video, and Web 2.0 enable higher productivity and employee collaboration. These networked applications pose different and varying demands on resources such as connection rates, concurrent connections, flow length, transaction size, and so on. IPS extends firewall protection by blocking threats including worms, trojans, viruses, distributed denial of service, reconnaissance, and attacks against operating system and application vulnerabilities.

IPS is not “plug-and-play”, nor is it “out-of-the- box ready” for maximum deployment. That is where Trufront Security adds value to a new or existing IPS implementation:

Trufront Security provides expert knowledge and technical support. We ensure that implementations are properly configured and setup custom monitoring thresholds to further maximize effectiveness in stopping attacks.


Cisco IPS 4200 Series Sensors

Cisco IPS Sensors and Cisco IPS Sensor Software deliver high-performance, intelligent threat detection and protection. Cisco IPS with Global Correlation uses global threat information that has been turned into actionable intelligence, such as reputation scores, and pushed out to all enabled technologies. Reputation filtering and global inspection give Cisco IPS 7.0 several advantages:

      Twice the effectiveness of signature-only intrusion prevention systems

      More accurate with fewer false-positives using reputation

      100 times faster than traditional signature-only methods


Juniper IDP Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliances

Juniper Networks® IDP Series Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliances with Multi-Method Detection (MMD), offers comprehensive coverage by leveraging multiple detection mechanisms. For example, by utilizing signatures, as well as other detection methods including protocol anomaly traffic anomaly detection, the Juniper Networks IDP Series appliances can thwart known attacks as well as possible future variations of the attack.



Check Point IPS-1 Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliances

Check Point IPS-1 is a dedicated intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) that helps organizations secure their enterprise network, and protect servers and critical data against known and unknown worms, automated malware, and blended threats.

      Robust security: protect your network and business against increasingly sophisticated attacks and attack vectors 

      Efficient management and compliance: overcome data overload, focus on what’s critical, and track compliance issues

      Flexible deployment: flexibility to meet ever-changing security needs