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Application Acceleration, WAFS, & WAN Optimization

Peak application performance is the goal that every network should strive to reach. You can maximize application availability across all places in the network with application and wide area network (WAN) acceleraors (both hardware- and software-based), ensuring application streams, servers, networks and data center access are always available and rapidly adapt to failure modes. Other benefits include:

      Delivery of highly adaptable acceleration technologies

      Dependable application response times

      Increased productivity for all types of end users—mobile, branch-based, or external parties.

    Using products from Cisco and Juniper, it helps to achieve the goal of peak performance. Below are some of the products offered from each company that can provide that level of peak performance:


    < Cisco WAAS Application Acceleration Platforms

    The Cisco WAAS appliance portfolio supports comprehensive WAN optimization, network-embedded virtualization for local hosting of branch IT services, and branch video delivery across a wide range of deployment scenarios and price points:

          Wide Area Application Engine (WAE): For branch office and data center deployment

          Wide Area Virtualization Engine (WAVE): Primarily for branch office deployment where hosting virtualized local services is needed, or small data center deployment


    < Juniper WX Series Application Acceleration Platforms

    The WX Series Application Acceleration Platforms provide distributed enterprises with a cost-effective WAN optimization solution. They help maximize WAN investments and improve application response times for branch office users.